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    Volume Extend
    Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo

    Extends Volume for a full 24 hours*

      Looking for a fast way to refresh and extend your volume?

      This dry shampoo, containing a blend of orange citrus and grape extract, immediately refreshes and bodifies lifeless locks, instantly creating volume you can see and feel.

      Just spray into flat hair and comb or brush through to absorb oil and instantly eliminate weight and refresh your volume anytime, day or night.

      Fortified Fruit Science
      Contains a blend of:
      Orange Citrus and Grape extract.

      How do I use it?
      Shake well before use. Hold can 6-8 inches from head and spray evenly to dry hair. Comb through to remove. Works for all hair colors.

      *Garnier Fructis Volume Extend system of Shampoo and Conditioner plus Dry Shampoo used later when needed to refresh hair over a 24 hour period.

      Extend Volume a full 24 hours.
      Won't weigh hair down.
      Hair is bouncy & fuller.
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    Garnier - Fructis - Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo 3.3 5 6 6
    Great for wild colored hair I bought this because it's not exactly good to wash my purple hair on a daily basis, but my hair can get super oily some days. If I wash too often, not only does my super thin hair split and break more often but my color washes out and redying too often gets expensive. So this allows me to take some of the greasiness out of my hair and feel clean while not having to redye. September 9, 2013
    Great product I have fine hair that I normally have to wash every day, which can be bad for your hair. This dry shampoo allows me to wash every other day which is huge for me! Smells great, with no more baby powder smell. Yes, it can spray on white, so just don't hold too close to one spot and brush and fluff in. Use on clean hair to add texture and volume. Will buy several cans next time! April 27, 2013
    Amazing, even for dark hair! I have very dark hair, and I was afraid there would be a white powder left behind. Luckily, the product is so lightweight that you can't even see it. My thick hair feels instantly lighter and smells fantastic! I definitely recommend! May 13, 2013
    Works Wonders! As an African-American female, we are very leery about using certain hair products. I am natural, which means, I don't use any chemical processes on my hair. I actually have a Global Keratin treatment to help make my natural hair more manageable. I have since found in between washes that I can't even make it to the full week before I feel like my hair is flat, oily, and needs to be washed again. I was so refreshing to find a product that would give me that fullness and body that I have when I leave the hair salon!! This is my first day using it, but I'm sure I will keep this product in my cabinet as a haircare staple! March 19, 2013
    too expensive for too little product I usually use a different dry shampoo but the store I go to was out. I decided to try this instead and it was a mistake. It worked pretty well (a little powdery but not a big deal). I used it maybe 5 times (pretty sparingly) and it has already run out. I wouldn't mind so little product if, compared to other brands, it wasn't so expensive. November 24, 2013
    Sprayed White Powder All Over My Hair I had never used dry shampoo before, but I heard about it on a morning show so I thought I would give the Volume Extend Instant Bodifier a try. At first, it seemed to just blow air out of the can. But after a few sprays, all of a sudden it sprayed a thick white powder all over my hair. It looked like someone had dumped a can of talcum powder on my head. My hair was now white. I had to take a shower to get it to come off. Needless to say, it was a total waste of money. I have used volumizing conditioner before from Garnier that did work, so I was very disappointed by this product. If I could give it no stars, I would. April 4, 2013
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