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    Fall Fight
    Strand Saver Anti-Breakage Spray

    Save Up To 1500 Strands Per Month

      Notice strands in your bathroom sink or brush? Improve hair's resistance to everyday hair-fall due to breakage.

      The formula with energizing caffeine, fortifying biotin and fruit vitamins, strengthens hair from root to ends, reducing falling, breaking strands.

      Garnier Fructis Strand Saver Anti-Breakage Spray lightly conditions to make hair softer, smoother and shinier.

      How to use: Hold bottle 6-8 inches from hair and spray evenly throughout damp or dry hair, then massage into scalp for one minute. Do not rinse. Use the Garnier Fructis Fall Fight 3-Step regimen of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Strand Saver Anti-Breakage Spray.

      Fuller-looking, stronger hair.
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    Do NOT discontinue this product PLEASE!!!! I have struggled with thin and baby fine hair my whole adult life-and worsened by child birth. (Having kids can make your hair fall out..literally..) But then I found this stuff!! I can not live without it! It makes my hair smell so amazing all day long, it makes it so soft, healthy looking, and helps keep it fuller due to the fact that it actually WORKS!! It's a product that actually does what it says it does! I know, weird huh?! But really, I get so mad at companies for putting out a good product just to find they discontinue it shortly after! Biggest pet peeve!! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have it! I've started to have a hard time finding it in stores lately and even found Walmart had it in their clearance section and ended up buying all 6 there!! As women our hair is the only thing we feel we have SOME control over so don't mess with us Garnier!;) you know what they say about a woman scorned!;) March 27, 2014
    I love love this product!! I noticed my hair was begining to thin after a surgery. I found this spray, and have never looked back! My hair became fuller. I noticed less falling/breaking hair. Its soft and shining. I never go a day without using it. Although, in the last month, I've noticed fewer stores are carrying it and its become IMPOSSIBLE to find. Can anyone explain this to me? Im so afraid of what will become of my hair without it. March 16, 2014
    Great For Long, Fine, Damaged Hair My hair is very long. It goes all the way down past my dairy aire. But lately I have been straightening it as well as curling. Soon I noticed that more hair was ending up in my hair brush than usual. So that's when I bought this product. It is a little pricey but is totally worth every penny. It made my hair feel soft, and make it very shiny. This product is a miracle worker. January 26, 2014
    Best Garnier Product I Have Ever Used! I'm trying to grow out my hair (it goes down to about to the end of my ribs and It keeps breaking. I always have to clean out my brush all the time. So I decided to get the "Fall Fight Anti-Breakage Spay" to see if it would help. Oh my gosh I love it! It smells nice, my hair is shinny and smooth, and I have less breakage. Its the whole package! One thing I has to say is that don't spray TOO much in your hair because it will get hard #that happened to me the first time#. I absolutely love it though! I will definitely will by this again! My favorite Garnier Fructis product ever! <3 :) January 1, 2014
    This is ahh mazing!!! I used this for only a couple weeks, but saw results in only a couple days! A lot of my hair doesn't fall off when I brush my hair! (And let me note that my hair is VERY brittle and damaged from years of straightening/dyeing.) I would recommend this product FOR SURE!! My hair has gotten fuller feeling and less split ends. You won't regret this purchase!! March 27, 2013
    love this product!!! I love this spray! It smells fruity and delicious. I've been using it a few days and my hair is already shedding less!!! I concentrate it on the scalp and then spray it through the lengths of my hair. I also notice my hair, which is naturally dry, curly & colored is more shiny, smooth and soft. Please never discontinue this fantastic product!! March 11, 2013
    I use it as a styling spray I let my hair air dry (till it's about 80% dry) and then I use a round brush and hair dryer to blow it out dry. I use this spray on each section before I blow the section dry, and if I want to add some curl, I'll even use it as a styling spray prior to using the curling iron. My hair is shoulder length and I love this stuff. Makes my hair look and feel fuller and stopped the horriific fall-out. Shampoo and conditioner are great, too! March 5, 2013
    Hevean in a bottle<3 I used this product for 3 days and I could already see a HUGE difference in how much hair I was losing! It smells 100% amazing and it is a very light spray so you can spray it on your hair after you are done straightening your hair and it will stay straight. this product is so amazing and perfect I think every girl needs this!! November 18, 2012
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