Testing Policies

All Garnier products are the result of rigorous research and development and benefit from the expertise of 3,000 multi-disciplinary scientists & research staff. Their discoveries are frequently published in leading scientific journals and have resulted in some 529 patents in 2005.

Garnier uses methodologies recognised by the international scientific community as part of its product and claim development process which evaluates the safety and effectiveness of ingredients, finished products and marketing claims.

Stages of research, development and evaluation at Garnier:

The Garnier products benefit from scientific and customer research gathered at 13 research centres and 13 evaluation centres around the world.

We also conduct independent clinical studies to assess the effectiveness and safety of our products. They can be done whether under dermatological or ophtalmological control.

Consumer studies verify product effectiveness and consumer satisfaction rates before the product is launched.

Once products are launched, customer satisfaction surveys are also carried out. These involve interviewing a statistically significant number of people who have bought and used the products for several weeks. This information helps us to monitor levels of satisfaction and we use this type of customer feedback to evaluate and improve our products on an ongoing basis.
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